MMBB (The Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board) offers investment, retirement, and insurance benefits to churches, faith-based institutions and their staff. MMBB retirement plans are all tax-deferred, offer lifetime retirement income and the opportunity to invest in a range of investment options.

Baptist History Coloring Books

Did you know that you can get children's coloring books that depict our Baptist heritage from the American Baptist Historical Society? This might be a great project or gift for VBS. They are available from the American Baptist Historical Society.

Discipleship Partners

Discipleship Partners are available to help your church with issues of discipleship and education. More information.

Joining God in the Neighborhood

Joining God in the Neighborhood is a new initiative created by Transformed by the Spirit of ABCUSA. Joining God in the Neighborhood is a process for churches to discern the activity of God already present in our neighborhoods and communities. The process begins with scriptural study work called “Dwelling in the Word.” From there individuals walk the neighborhood to better understand the life going on outside the doors of the church. A question that is raised in this neighborhood exploration is, “Where is God already at work and what are the ways we can partner with others to strengthen ministry endeavors?” All of this is done with the assistance of an outside coach.Here you will find a brief introduction to the process. If you would like to know more about Joining God in the Neighborhood and would like to discuss this possibility for your church, please contact Rev. Dr. Judy Allbee at the ABCCONN office.

Joining God in the Neighborhood

Several years ago the American Baptist Churches, USA invited member regions and churches to engage in activities of transformation through an initiative called Transformed by the Spirit. This initiative recognizes the rapidly changing culture all around us and seeks to address the manner in which our churches can move forward in this century with grace and excitement. It is a process that seeks to help us recognize God’s presence in the midst of a rapidly changing world.

ABCCONN's Policy on Gun Violence


On December 14, 2012, violence engulfed our lives here in Connecticut. Because of this, we believe that it is our responsibility as people of faith and specifically as American Baptists to speak out on the issue of gun violence. We believe that human beings are God's creatures and as such we are called to live in peace until the natural order of life brings it to an end on this earth. As disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, we believe that we need to speak out when such unspeakable violence comes into our neighborhood.

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