What is United Mission?

Do you have questions about why your church should give to United Mission?  What, exactly, does United Mission support?


ABCCONN 101 -- A workshop given by the Rev. Dr. Harry Riggs, II a the Annual Gathering on April 28th.

Discipleship Matters

New Bulletin inserts are available online.

Discipleship Matters Bulletin Inserts

Introducing ‘Discipleship Matters’ bulletin inserts American Baptists asked, and American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) answered!

In response to requests for bulletin inserts aligned with American Baptist values, ABHMS has created the “Discipleship Matters” fee-free monthly inserts for inclusion in church bulletins.

Center for Career Development and Ministry

Career Counseling and More

The Center for Career Development and Ministry offers a variety of affordable tailored services for all stages in ministry, including: transition counseling, sabbatical planning, career reflection and discernment, and one-on-one coaching in addition to their ordination candidate program. They are also developing programs for lay-leaders serving in rural/underfunded parishes.

Judy Allbee on Violence

It happened again. It involved a shooting at yet another high school, this time on the West coast. And again right here in Bristol there was a domestic violence incident that turned into a murder/suicide. I have been thinking and praying and pondering; worrying and fussing and fuming about violence. It started after the shootings in Newtown. I could not imagine sitting around and doing nothing. I could not imagine not caring enough to find a way to a better day. I cannot imagine that this is God's intention for us. And here we are, many months later, and I do not feel we have moved very far or far enough, neither as ABCCONN nor as individual churches.

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