Conversation Guide to Reopening Your Church Building

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Conversation Guide to Reopening Your Church Building

As local, state and governmental leaders begin to announce plans for reopening the country, it seems wise for pastors and church leaders to begin holding conversations and making preparations for reopening our places of worship.  It is important to recognize that safety concerns will require our worship and ministry to be conducted differently as we return to a new reality. Gathering guidelines from officials may be implemented in stages and may be different from one county to the next. Advance preparation may be the key to keeping persons safe when we return to our activities. This guide is designed to help you ponder various points of consideration as your church implements new methods, policies and procedures. It specifically focuses on two core areas, the physical and the personal.

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Time-Sensitive Financial Relief for ABCCONN Churches – Federally Funded CARES Payroll Protection Plan (PPP)

ABCCONN Churches are encouraged to make an application for federal funds under the Payroll Protection Plan, a part of the CARES Act recently approved by Congress and signed by the President.

Eligibility and Requirements 

Churches and other non-profits are eligible under this program.

Churches would be eligible for a loan of approximately 2.5 times the monthly payroll. The loan would be through a participating Bank of your choosing.

Using the Quarterly 941 forms, your church can determine the potential amount of your church loan.

This is a first come, first serve program. It is important that your church file an application quickly.


What can the loan be used for? Payroll Costs (This is the prime reason for this program), Utilities, or Group health benefits If this is a loan, what is the interest and how long do we have to pay it back? It will depend on your bank. No guarantee or collateral is required. Is there Loan Forgiveness? Any monies spent for payroll during the eight-week period after the loan is originated (starts) are forgiven. Also, utility payments made prior to 2/15/20 are eligible for forgiveness. Is there a down-side to this application? Your church would have to make every effort to retain the number of current staff.

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Further assistance is available by calling the ABCCONN office during normal business hours at 860-521-5421. Please follow the prompts to be connected with the Executive Minister. 

COVID-19 Additional Helpful Links

As we continue to get through these times, we would like to share these helpful hints with you. 

This link is a message from the Acting General Secretary Jeff Woods.  

Get the latest updates on the Coronavirus, Covid-19 at the CDC link.



10 Guidelines for Pastoral Care during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Pastors are seeking leadership direction during these times. The article entitled,  10 guidelines for pastoral care during the coronavirus outbreak, may help. 

What is United Mission?

Do you have questions about why your church should give to United Mission?  What, exactly, does United Mission support?


ABCCONN 101 -- A workshop given by the Rev. Dr. Harry Riggs, II a the Annual Gathering on April 28th.

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