ABCCONN's President Writes Book

ABCCONN's President, Sandra Hadland, has just published a book entitled Tranformational Grace: A language of the transforming power of God's grace through poetry.


Transformational Grace is a language of God's transforming grace through the eyes of poetry.  These poetic truths identify with humanity's trials, storms and earthquakes while assuring the grace of God to overcome.  This collection of poems is intended to inspire, incite hope, and to provoke a lasting, authentic change that can only be produced throuh the transforming grace of Christ.  No matter where you are in this journey of life, God's transformational grace is visible through these poems, and offered to you for the taking.  Take my hand -- let us walk through this journey together!

"Transformational Grace is a book that is destined to become a 'must have' for anyone who is serious about Christian Discipleship and who is concerned about developing a deep and meaningful personal relationship with the Lord."

Dr. William B. Sutton III
Pastor, First Baptist Church, Stratford
Stratford, Connecticut

The book is available from and Barnes and Noble.

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