Joining God in the Neighborhood

311ABC TranSpirit Logo High ResSeveral years ago the American Baptist Churches, USA invited member regions and churches to engage in activities of transformation through an initiative called Transformed by the Spirit. This initiative recognizes the rapidly changing culture all around us and seeks to address the manner in which our churches can move forward in this century with grace and excitement. It is a process that seeks to help us recognize God’s presence in the midst of a rapidly changing world.

There are 3 resources / processes which make up the Transformed by the Spirit initiative.  They are:

  • Adaptive Challenges - resources which help address issues for which there is no easy "fix" or "tweak"
  • Joining God in the Neighborhood - a resource designed to help congregations look outside the walls of their churches to see where God is active in the community
  • Experiments in Difference - a process to help congregations understand the multicultural realities which exist both within and outside the church walls.

Over the last few years materials have been developed for each of these processes.  They are Biblical, and much time is spent in each process studying scripture and discerning God’s present Spirit in our midst.

The Joining God in the Neighborhood guidebook is available here.  Please contact the ABCCONN office if you have questions or want to know more.

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